EVP Plus

EVP Plus

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For years, EVP® has set the standard in the non-stimulant pre-workout category for athletes seeking optimal muscle growth and recovery. Now, Evogen Nutrition has managed to harness that technology and take it one step further with the added energy and focus you crave! With ingredients that ignite recovery and growth, EVP Plus is designed to create the perfect balance between the skin-splitting pumps of EVP while boosting energy levels with ingredients that can significantly improve strength, focus and performance. Fire up your potential with EVP Plus, the complete energized pre-workout solution!


Ignites Massive Skin Splitting Pumps
Clean Energy Complex Boosts Energy, Focus and Performance
100% Carb & Sugar Free
Designed for Maximum Potency & Absorption
Contains FUSIL®, the Anabolic Trigger to Switch on NEW Muscle Growth

I have tested countless ingredients over the years trying to formulate the ideal stimulant-based pre-workout product, and nearly all of them have had a significant constrictive effect on blood flow. It's been a major challenge to strike the right balance between the right amount of energy and increased pump. None of my Evogen products contained any stimulant ingredients for that very reason - until now. EVP Plus has about as much caffeine as a double shot of espresso, helps you achieve the same pumps of EVP and contains several nootropics to enhance your focus during training. Now you can finally get it all in one product!

- Hany Rambod, The Pro Creator. Founder and CEO Evogen Nutrition.


The "plus" in EVP Plus refers to the finely-tuned energy complex, designed to rapidly increase energy levels while improving focus and performance. Unlike other stimulant-based pre-workout products, EVP Plus won't over-stimulate and cause vasoconstriction - meaning you'll get all of the benefits of EVP for the perfect balance of ramped-up energy levels with the same sick, skin-splitting pumps you're used to!

One of the key ingredients in EVP Plus is BioPerine®, a nutrient-absorption enhancer that multiplies the effectiveness of the proprietary energy complex while increasing absorption and boosting the effects of EVP's core ingredients. The result is an even stronger pump than before and clean energy boost that gets rapidly transported into your system.


EVP Plus is the perfect pre-workout solution to get you through the toughest of workouts at any time of day. Whether you train first thing in the morning or after a long day of work, EVP Plus provides the ideal balance of a clean energy complex with insane muscle pumps. This new energy complex won't keep you up through the night or prevent you from getting a good night's sleep - which means you'll be able to train like a beast and still get the proper amount of rest to recover and grow.


Available only through Evogen Nutrition, FUSIL® is fermented, ultra-soluble L-Leucine of the highest quality, made for maximum absorption. L-Leucine is often called "the anabolic trigger" because it stimulates protein synthesis and ignites anabolic reactions throughout the body, accelerating the process of muscle growth and repair. FUSIL is manufactured under a precise, strictly monitored fermentation process to ensure that it is of the highest quality and purity.